Wiring S Play Shield with Arduino shield adapter

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Play-shield-web_0.gifWiring Compatible
RoHS Compliant


This is a Wiring S accessory board.

Paired with a Wiring S board, you can use Arduino shields.

Also, you can, optionally, populate the through-hole components for additional fun with the Wiring S board.


  • 4 push buttons
  • 6 LEDs
  • A realtime clock (I2C - DS13x7) with coin cell battery connections
  • A 24xxxx series I2C eeprom for more memory options.

However, these extra components are not included.

Only the headers are included in this configuration.



Module Price (ea)
BA-WPS MSRP CAD$9.99 (headers included)

(For local pricing, please contact one of our distributors).

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