rMP3 gets a new price!

The rMP3 just got even better, in price that is.

Now only CAD$39.99.

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Check out the new rKEYs

rKey Capacitive Switch Series

The rKEY capacitive switches allow OEM designers and hobbyists to quickly and easily add capacitive touch switches to their projects and products.

The rKEY capacitive switch series are compact (starting at 2" by 2" down to 1.25"x1.25") footprint boards, providing an easy to use non-mechanical touch switch for environmentally sealed environments and interactive displays such as music playback stations.

rKEY capacitive switches are self-calibrating, and extremely robust for the harshest environments.

The rKEY can be mounted behind various materials - plastics, wood, and glass to a suggested maximum thickness of 0.4". With an operating temperature range of -40C to +85C, it is suitable for various extreme environments.


Our Latest MP3 Family Member

rMP3 - MP3 Playback Module

Arduino™ board compatible

Now you can add sound, voice, and your favorite music to your Arduino™ project with the rMP3. The rMP3 is an Arduino™ board compatible module, just plug it in, and use our Arduino™ libraries to access MP3 playback while simultaneously writing and reading data.

The rMP3 module allows designers to integrate high quality MP3 playback into designs with an easy to use TTL serial protocol.

Sound files such as voice prompts, sound effects, and music can be played using the rMP3. It can play MP3 files up to 320 Kbps. MP3 files are stored on SDHC, SD or MMC flash memory cards, in a format readable by your PC.

In addition to playing audio files, you can use the rMP3 for your data access applications as well. The rMP3 has all the same functionality of the uMMC for data access and storage.

Arduino™ is a trademark of Arduino Team

Latest News

The rMP3 just got even better, in price that is.

Now only CAD$39.99 (CAD$44.99 with headers).

i3Detroit built a radio which plays music from different years - including into the future! The project was an entry into the Redbull Creation Challenge.

Check out the new rMP3 Spectrum Analyzer output in the new rMP3 beta firmware: