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RoHS Compliant


  • 1 Amp 7805 Voltage Regulator
  • MCU: Atmel ATmega644P
  • 16 MHz Crystal Oscillator
  • Total Flash Memory: 65536 bytes (64 KiB)
  • Available Flash Memory: 63488 bytes (62 KiB)
  • SRAM: 4096 bytes (4 KiB)
  • EEPROM: 2048 bytes (2 KiB)
  • 2 Hardware Serial Ports
  • DS1307 RTC (Real Time Clock) On-board
  • 8 User LEDs On-Board
  • Wiring IDE compatible - http://wiring.org.co/
  • Arduino IDE compatible (separate core download required)


The LEDHead is the first in a series of special market Wiring/Arduino compatible, Atmel microcontroller boards from Rogue Robotics.

The LEDHead is an Atmel ATmega644P based board which provides full Arduino shield support while adding more I/O and 8 dedicated LEDs. Running at 16 MHz, and with an on-board TWI/I2C controlled Real Time Clock (RTC), the unit is designed to provide control for data storage and audio solutions with the rMP3 Playback module as a full solution for data logging and/or audio playback.

The ATmega644P provides more I/O and 2 hardware serial ports that can also function as master SPI ports.

The LEDHead is a low cost solution via the elimination of unnecessary components for volume deployment and rapid prototyping - external USB solution, and minimal part count.

NOTE: an external USB board (such as the FTDI USB TTL Serial Cable - 5V [TTL-232R-5V]) is required to communicate with the LEDHead.


BB-RLH Price (ea)
MSRP CAD$39.99

(For local pricing, please contact one of our distributors).

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