Communication Settings

Serial Bitrate

Setting name: D

The uMP3 communicates using asynchronous serial.

Value Bitrate
0 9600 bps
1 19200 bps
2 38400 bps
3 57600 bps
4 115200 bps
5 2400 bps
6 4800 bps
7 230400 bps
8 460800 bps

Prompt Character

Setting name: P

This is the character that is returned when the uMP3 is ready to receive a new command. You can use this character to synchronize communications.

Range: 1 → 254

Type: ASCII character value.

Response Delay

Setting name: R

This is a delay that is introduced between when a command is received by the uMP3 and when the command begins processing. This is especially useful for controllers that need time to set up their serial input (e.g. Basic Stamp).

Range: 0 → 254

Type: Time in 10 millisecond increments (e.g. 5 = 50 ms).

Non-volatile Playback Settings


Setting name: V

Sets the start-up volume for the uMP3. You can provide both the left and right volume settings.

Range: Left: 0 → 254, Right: 0 → 254

Type: Volume attenuation in -0.5 dB increments (e.g. 16 = -8 dB).

Loop Count

Setting name: O

Sets the default loop count for playback. This is the number of times a file is repeated.

Range: 0 → 254

Type: Number of repeats.

Note: 0 means infinite repeat - continuous looping of playback. A value of 1 means to play the file once.


Setting name: B

Sets the default Boost value. This is an audio enhancement provided by the decoder which boosts the bass and/or treble response.

  • Treble boost can be set from -12 to +10.5 dB boost (in 1.5 dB steps) at and above frequencies ranging from 1000 to 15000 Hz (in 1000 Hz steps).
  • Bass boost can be set from 0 to 15 dB boost (in 1 dB steps) below frequencies ranging from 20 to 150 Hz (in 10 Hz steps).

The Boost value is calculated as follows:

  • treble boost = ((treble amplitude/1.5 + 8) * 16) + treble frequency/1000
  • bass boost = ((bass amplitude * 16) + (bass frequency/10)
  • boost = treble boost * 256 + bass boost

A value of 0 will turn off the audio enhancement.

Range: 0 → 65536

Type: Boost encoded value.

File System Settings

These are the very same settings for the file system as found on the uMMC.

Input/Output Interface Settings

Input Style

Setting name: S

Sets the input interface style. See the Input Interface section for more information.

Value Style
0 No input style (input interface ignored)
1 8 Button/Switch interface
2 7 Bit plus Trigger interface

Hardware Busy Indicator

Setting name: H

Sets the “D” pin to be a hardware busy logic output (high = playing).

Range: 0 or 1

Type: Switch.

Input File Number Offset

Setting name: N

Sets the offset for the filenames used for the input interface. For example, if the Button/Switch interface is being used, and the Input File Number Offset is set to 200, then all filenames will be offset by 200. i.e. The filename for Button/Switch 2 will be B0202.MP3.

Range: 0 → 9872

Type: Offset.

Input Non-stop Control

Setting name: U

In 8 Button/Switch mode, this 8 bit mask indicates which buttons will be considered non-stop (a 1 in the mask indicates non-stop). In 7 Bit mode, anything > 0 will indicate non-stop playback.

Range: 0 → 255

Type: 8 bit mask.

Input Polarity Control

Setting name: A

Used only in 8 Button/Switch mode, this 8 bit mask indicates the polarity of input for each individual input pin (a 1 in the mask indicates positive edge triggering).

Range: 0 → 255

Type: 8 bit mask.

Switch Input Debounce Mode

Setting name: M

Used only in 8 Button/Switch mode, this setting will turn on a simple 40 ms debounce algorithm for the inputs.

Range: 0 or 1

Type: Switch.

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